welcome to love ear world

welcome to love ear world
love ear art


I love you my Friends.......

A lot of friends came to Wil's house and then  They helped him.
Turky helped him.
Mark shoot his sporty..... maybe that night he went to harbar house cafe....

Wil and Nao.  They thought Crispy Cream .......

My sister Knee got her Cake !!  because her birthday!!
I'm so lucky !!  I did celebrate your birthday!!
Thank you for your kindness. Lastday  I really miss you sister...
Grant !!  nexttime We gonna go ride Chopper to eat ice cream !
thank you for your kindness !!  I love you babe !!  hehehe!

Harpoon!  Thank you for take me to paint shop.
We have to do that project !!  you sonnyboy and me !!  hehee.

Mark !  I had a so good time with you !  your car is awesome !!
and then Thank you sooooooo much for your gift !!

Jeff !!    Thank you for your kindness!!!  That Taco shop is so good teste !!
Nexttime we will go to Hamberger shop!!

Gabe !!    I'm so glad that you used my gift at Bar Hook up.
JD and Cindy !   thank you for a lot of your gift.
and sorry .. not enough to met you...... I want to see JD's shop.
Nexttime I have to go !! 

Hi  Chase !!  Thank you for gave me your art !!  nexttime we will ride chopper !!

Trevor and Turky. Nice to meet you Trevor.   Turky!  I was enjoying! that helped your chopper !  thank you for Cycle Zombies stuffs !!

My favorite place...... art art art art and art........  sooo exciting place.
Thank you QP and Tomato !!  I have to make QP and Tomato 's love ear art stuffs!!
T bone!!   thank you for gave me a lot of Noise stuffs and glass art of Humming bird!

Steve !  Thank you for your kindness!!  I'm glad that you and Jen loves my painted stuff.  

Zac !!  your tough guy !!     Thank you !! for gave me heavy stuffs.
and then Thank you soo much Heavy Crew!!! 

Nao !!   Thank you sooooooo much for gave me a lot of  fun time !!
I'm looking forward to meet and talk with you !!  see you soon !!

Mike !  Thank you for everything !   Born Free is awesome!!!!
Kiyo !!    You are Man !!  Great builder!  Thank you for everything!!
I was enjoying  to rode chopper  to ate dinner and more...
See you soon!!

I rode Wil's panhead........ 

Wil !!    Thank you sooooooooo much for everything.
to rode chopper  to ate dinner  to play guiter and more..........
I don't forget it..... next time We have to go shop of Crispy Cream.... to eat a lot of dounuts !! hahaha.   

Thank you Wil ....  I'm looking forward to meet you again.

This trip was so great and so excite .  I had a sooo good time and good experience.
you know my English is not better...but everyone very kind to me ... thanx.
I spent a month at LA. I thought that a month is soo long stay. It was first time for me.
but too fast past day. because everyone help and care to me. 
Did you see my painted tank and Wil's chopper???
When you saw those my painted stuffs then  did you suprise and excite?
If you did suprise and exciting so  by my friends help and kindness.
I own my success to my friends !!!  Thank you !!  I love you my friends!

This year I will back to LA to paint work.  see you again my friends !!


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  1. Gen and Sachi, you are welcome :o) Hope to see you again soon!!! xxx

    1. Hey! Cindy ! Thank you !! yes see you soon!