welcome to love ear world

welcome to love ear world
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I went to Joints show but ......

I went to Jonits show at Nagoya Japan. I had so good time! but  I didn't take pics at Joints show............
ジョインツ行って来ました―! もちろんバイクで・・・・・雨具着て・・・・フロントフェンダー付けて・・・・  まあでも楽しかったです。楽しすぎて会場の画像一枚も撮ってないです・・・・
my friends come to highway parking.

My friend  Mox.   he is funny guy!    but his knock is soo cool.
会場の画像がこの方の画像・・・・・ ぜんぜん面白くない画像ですね~
滑りましたね・・・ 横浜で待ってまーす!

Hey dude! Terry!! heheheee He was sleepin
潰れてますね~ チャンハタとハチくん・・・・・
ハタく~ん! 待ってますね~横浜で!4人で中華街いきましょうね~

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  1. I think you had so much fun at the show that you don't want to miss any single second of the event that's why you didn't take any photos.

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